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Why we create Reflectus?

Every modern education system aims to develop a conscious, critical-thinking and continuously learning generation.

Systematic reflective practice is one of the key factors ensuring a successful development of students' and teachers' competencies!

What is Reflectus?

Reflectus is an online tool developed by teacher practitioners to facilitate, simplify, and automate reflective practice and feedback processes between teachers and students.

Quickly and easily see every student and measure their learning progress!

Monitoring individual progress Students will be able to track their learning progress and discover the best ways to learn Reflection questionnaire templates Make use of reflection questionnaires developed by the Reflectus community Use of IT tools Enable students to meaningfully use their smart devices Data-based solutions Collect reflection data and track its trends Summary statistics Reflectus summarizes the reflection data of each student and the whole class Real-time feedback Get instant information about the reflection process Saving time Reflectus will send reflection questionnaires and process their data for you Time saving Choose from over 7 methods to create reflection questionnaires Digitized reflection methods Reflection methods in digital enviroment Discover the joy of reflective practice! More and more educators use Reflectus in their teaching, which allows them to discover the meaning and benefits of reflective practice. You can be one of them! Reflectus in schools Reflectus users 44 1,746 Jūratė Lazdauskienė, school principal Tauragės Šaltinio progymnasium

“Reflectus is a tool for monitoring, recording and reflecting on each child's progress and emotional state. It provides an opportunity to act smarter, not harder.”
Gintarė Juzukonienė, school teacher Kaišiadorių r. Žaslių primary school

“Reflectus is my choice to collect my students data on their successes and failures, quality of their achievements, and their emotional attitudes towards classroom activities.”
Laima Gružienė, school teacher Kauno r. Šlienavos primary school

„I am convinced that Reflectus could be a great help for parents who love their children and want to get to know them better.“
Elena Sadauskienė, school teacher
Radviliškio r. Baisogalos gymnasium

„Reflectus allows teachers to draw conclusions, plan and adjust learning tasks. With the help of this App, education becomes alive and dynamic.“
What our community says about us?
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