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About Reflectus

Reflective practice is one of the most effective ways to help teachers improve. Reflecting on and evaluating teaching goals, results and emotions allows to discover one’s own teaching style and to further professional development. The most important thing here is to ensure that reflection is organized systematically and methodically. This is what we have created Reflectus for!

What is it?

Reflectus is an online reflection system that automates, simplifies, and ensures consistent reflective practice between teacher and students.


The Reflectus system consists of two parts:

an online platform for the teachers

a mobile APP for students.

Reflectus is suitable for K-12 teachers and students.

How does it work?

Creating reflection questionnaires

Teachers can use digitised reflection methods to create unique questionnaires that allow them to assess the desired aspects of their teaching practice.

Scheduling automated reflections

Teachers can set up periodic schedules for sending out reflection questionnaires - even for the whole school year ahead! Students will automatically receive the reflection questionnaires on their smart devices at set times.

Storing reflection data

The data from students’ reflections are automatically systematised and displayed graphically. The more students reflect, the easier it is to draw insights into the teaching/learning process.

How is it useful?

Student’s feedback here and now – instant response to problem areas.

Reflectus saves time for preparation of reflective practice and analysing reflection data.

Reflectus enables teachers to discover individual teaching/learning approaches for each student based on data rather than hunches.

Reflectus empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning.

Quickly and easily tracks students' overall individual progress.

Students learn to reflect on their learning experiences.

Students take responsibility for their own learning outcomes.

Reflectus keeps track of students ‘learning progress: what is going well and where they need to improve.

Students are shown the possibility of using the smart devices in their learning process.

Students discover ways to make learning more effective.

Students are more knowledgeable of their strengths and weaknesses.

The school community can evaluate itself more effectively and learn how to reflect on experiences in a time saving way.

Teachers create a positive change in their classrooms by relying not only on their intuition, but also on actual data about each student.

The school community consists of reflective, continuously developing and effective professional teachers.

Reflective practice enhances the learning experience.

By analysing collected data, teachers will be able to observe every student and quickly discover the individual factors that affect their learning.

Through reflective practice, a student can decide which methods and techniques can help him to master a learning material more quickly.

Parents can contribute to the educational process by reflecting with their children and learning more about them.

Reflectus helps to develop a habit of constant reflection – students can gain better insights between their actions and results.